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About Us
The Definition of Creative Design Industry
It’s the industry initiating from creativity and cultural accumulation, which advances our lives and surrounding environments through the pattern and function of intellectual property to make fortune and create possible job opportunities for us.

It provides the experience of profundity and high-quality sense of beauty to form the core knowledge of integrated design industry. (Service, place, activity, commodity integrated experience economies and etc included)

The Foundation of Creative Design Industry
'' The Living Area and Cultural Economy ''
Starting from absorbing the knowledge of cultural heritage and living with it to take shape the living area, expand creativity, and develop cultural economy.

Han, Pao-Te (漢寶德) said
Everything creates from getting a cup.

Chiang, Hsun (蔣勳) said
Beauty is the indistinguishable competitive power.
Only we can make the living area become more intergraded and accomplished flexibly in many aspects!

The New Profession on Creative Design Industry
'' Specific Profession '' Our department has our own specific profession, and isn’t the duplicate of other Departments of Design or Department of Cultural Heritage Conservation.

'' The Main Content of Our Profession ''
    A. Industrial Field:
All the industries related to food, clothing, housing, and transportation.
    B. Core Knowledge:
Aspects of production, life, ecology, substance, cosmos, value in all the industries.
    C. The Content of Design:
SPAC experience design (Including service, place, activity, commodity, and etc.)
    D. Integrated Creativity:
Service design, place design, activity design, commodity design and etc.