International Affairs
'' 文章詳情''
2018 Redefine—Creation International Handicrafts X Design Research Forum Workshop
「跨國驚喜- 創意啟發」 Transnational Surprise — Creative Inspiration
「文化微思考- 在地驚奇與成果策展」Cultural micro-thinking — Local surprises and final exhibition
「國際元素探索」Exploration of International Elements
國際講座 International Speech
2018.9.26(三)~ 2018.10.12 ( 五)
工作坊時間 Workshops
2018.9.26(三)~ 2018.9.29(六)
策展時間 Exhibition
2018.9.29 ( 六) ~ 2018.10.12 ( 五)
國立雲林科技大學 National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
故宮南院 Southern Branch of National Palace Museum
新港板陶窯社區 XinGang Bantaoyao Crafts Studio of Jiao-Zhi Pottery and Chein-Nien

講師資料 Lecturers

Inty Nahari

● 簡介 Introduction :
Good at applying textile fabrics and glass crafts for creating composite crafts and combining traditional culture, fashion, natural environmental resources and composite materials to integrate art and creative skills into product design.
● 學歷  Education:
Art Institute of Art of Indonesia National Yunlin University of Science and Technology Indonesia Institute of The Arts Yogyakarta (ISI Yogyakarta)
● 經歷 Experiences:
Fashion Education/ Design / Creation and Study of Art

Yuhri Inang Prihatina

● 簡介 Introduction:
將印度爪哇傳統手工藝[ 金工手創] 與[ 紡織刺繡] 融入現代時尚設計, 並使用多種刺繡技術來創新設計應用於日常用品,如手提包,手機錢包 等其他物品。
Incorporates traditional Javanese handicrafts [Handicraft metalwork] and [Textile Embroidery] into modern fashion design, and use a variety of embroidery techniques to innovatively design for everyday items such as handbags, mobile phone wallets and other items.
● 學歷 Education:
Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta
Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta
● 經歷 Experiences:
Workshop instructo“r Scrap Fabric Project” Gresik, East Java, Indonesia
Workshop instructo “r Garment for Beginner” Gresik, East Java, Indonesia
Workshop instructor“ Melted Fabric dan Ribbon Flower for Accesories“ Islamic Boarding Jagad Alimussirry Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia


● 簡介 Introduction:
為印尼傳統蠟染技藝專家,擅於融合印尼傳統文化與時尚藝術設計,並 深入研究植物染於布料的工藝創作,以創新設計提高創意時尚產品的經 濟價值。
Expert in traditional batik techniques in Indonesia. Good at integrating Indonesian traditional culture and fashion art design, and has deep interest in investigating the implications of plant dyed fabrics to the creation of crafts, to improve the economic value of creative fashion products with innovative design.
● 學歷 Education:
Art Institute of Art of Indonesia National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
● 經歷 Experience:
PT. Singer / Instructor of fashion design course
Surabaya State University / Faculty member of fashion design

杉浦一德 Kazunori Uhyo Sugiura

● 簡介 Introduction:
Received a PhD in Media and Governance from Keio University Graduate School of Media Design and Governance. Previously, Assistant Professor at Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance and associate professor of Keio University Research Institute for Digital Media and Content.
Works on digital content application and innovation, including digital media content management and presentation, media content collaboration, and core technologies such as operating system architecture, internet transport technology, ubiquitous environment technology, and global computing architecture. Heavily involved in Cool Japan’s innovative and creative content, including anime, cosplay (costume play), manga and manhua, and otaku. Delivers the “Pop Culture Skills” course and the “Advanced Pop Culture Design” course with cosplay
● 學歷 Education:
Keio University Graduate school of Media Design (KMD) / Associate Professor
Operating Systems, Internet Technology, Media Literacy, Contents Literacy, Otaku Culture

倪嘉隆 Nio Ni

● 簡介 Introduction:
NIO NI 倪嘉隆,喜歡將插畫應用於生活中,透過文化想像與生活風格融合,交錯建構出詼諧富有情 感的創作思維。風格清新有生命力,受到許多國內外邀請,曾於德國、比利時、新加坡、上海、澳門、 馬來西亞等,進行品牌規劃、插畫設計和藝術展覽,造成許多新的衝擊與迴響。
Nio Ni likes to apply illustrations to daily life. Through the fusion of cultural imagination and life style, witty and emotional creative ideas were structured. With fresh and lively style, he has been invited by many domestic and foreign countries for brand planning, illustration design and art exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Singapore, Shanghai, Macau, Malaysia, etc., which has all received heated responses by the audiences.
● 經歷 Experience:
2018 插畫的設計模樣-Nio 倪嘉隆個展
Illustration in Design, Nio solo exhibition
“I Farted in this exhibition” solo exhibition, Taipei
2013 台北好初早餐店 [ 倪說說] 插畫個人展覽
Taipei Hoochuu “Ni Shuo-shuo” (Ni’s Storytelling) Solo Exhibition
2013 高雄貓窩咖啡 插畫個展
Kaohsiung KamoGamo Solo Exhibition
2012 [ 蹦文化] 插畫個人展覽
Born Culture Illustration Solo Exhibition
第一屆雲林崙背鄉洋香瓜紀念商品設計競賽-「洋口獅」- 第一名
The First Annual Yunlin County Lunbei Township Cantaloupe Souvenir Design Competition—First Prize “Cantaloupe Lion”
TVBS 週刊第一屆創意T-shirt 設計大賽-Dragon-band- 佳作
TVBS Weekly First Creative T-shirt Design Competition — Honorable Mention “ Dragon-band
第四屆臺北藝穗節主視覺設計- 佳作等
The Fourth Taipei Fringe Festival Key Visual Design—Honorable Mention Award, etc。

林家煥 Skid

● 簡介 Introduction:
林家煥 Skid , 人田十口品牌創意總監,擁有16 年設計與品牌企劃的執行經驗,帶來一場Live to Design 創新設計訓練, 透過日常生活進行發想與創意展現,且運用美學思考來解決問題,帶領學員思考邏輯, 進行一場充滿活力的設計思辨。藉由創意和跨領域整合,思考設計的本質,享受不同文化的背景所激盪出的設計 靈感經驗。
Skid, the Creative Director of AnBranding, has 16 years of experience in design and branding. Through” Live to Design” innovative design training, bringing in ideas and expressions from daily life, and using aesthetic thinking to solve problems, the students were guided to logic thinking for deliberation in design. Through creative and cross-disciplinary integration, the students further contemplate about the essence of design and enjoy the design inspiration experience inspired by different cultural backgrounds.



內容 Content

2018 跨域創藝- 國際工藝X 設計研究論壇暨設計工作坊(2018 International Handicrafts x Design Research Forum & Workshop)為期4 天,以「跨國驚喜- 創意啟發」、「文化微思考- 在地驚奇與成果策展」、「國際元素探索」等藝術為主題,跨越織品編織、蠟染、金線刺繡與創意設計等設計藝術領域,結合來自印尼、日本與台灣的設計師,進行一場充滿活力的設計思辨。透過創意和跨領域整合,思考設計的本質,享受不同文化的背景所激盪出的設計靈感經驗。本次活動邀請印尼泗水大學講師Inty Nahari、Yuhri Inang Prihatina、Indarti、日本慶應大學杉浦一德教授、台灣設計師倪嘉隆與人田十口品牌創意總監林家煥 Skid,以及與會印尼外賓11位、日北外賓4位,借重其研發經驗,以跨國驚喜、文化微思考與成果策展三主軸,透過設計思維導入體驗跨國、跨界合作的智慧及創新設計模式。
The 2018 International Handicrafts x Design Research Forum & Workshop lasted for 4 days, with the theme of "Transnational Surprise — Creative Inspiration", "Cultural Micro-Thinking — Local Surprise and Achievement Curation", "Exploration of International Elements", interdisciplinary integrating with textile weaving, batik, golden thread embroidery and creative design. In this event, we collaborated with designers from Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan, to conduct design deliberation. Through creative and cross-domain integration, the nature of design was contemplated and the design inspirations inspired by different cultural backgrounds were enjoyed. Invited speakers were Inty Nahari, Yuhri Inang Prihatina, and Indarti from The State University of Surabaya in Indonesia, Professor Kazunori Uhyo Sugiura of Keio University, and Taiwanese designer Nio Ni and Creative Director of AnBranding Skid. Fifteen other foreign guests, including 11 from Indonesia and 4 from Japan joined the event. With the sharing of experiences of speakers in the combination of the three themes of the event, and importing design thinking in transnational experiences, collaboration of knowledge and innovative design model were produced.


圖:2018 跨域創藝-國際工藝X 設計研究論壇暨設計工作坊議程海報


本活動於第一天「跨域創藝-國際講師展演」邀請國內外文化及傳統工藝創意設計師,透過演講、經驗分享與Q&A問答互動模式,分享國內外不同文化元素,培養學員跨文化的設計創意靈感,透過跨文化的接觸體驗,應用在設計生活上。本次國際講師展演分兩大主軸:「國際研究論壇」與「國際藝術連結論壇」,其中國際研究論壇,呼應東協國家的崛起及配合新南向政策的國際趨勢,敬邀印尼講師Indarti、IntyNahari 與Yuhri Inang Prihatina 深度探討印尼這個擁有數千個島嶼與多元藝術特色文化的傳統國度,印尼擁有數千個島嶼,多個民族分布其間,在文化上因互動與交融間各發展出具獨特魅力的特有文化元素,其傳統工藝蠟染 (Batik)、金線刺繡 (Embroidery) 與扎染 (Tie dye) 各工藝領域的專家們,一同探討印尼各工藝千年文化的遞嬗與演變,展現藝術元素彼此交融的過程以及現今國際化下創新文化的融合發展與應用,並以實物展覽體驗的方式詮釋當地工藝藝術的深邃與遼闊。
On the first day of the event, “Creation International - International Speech and Performance,” we invited domestic and foreign cultural and traditional craft designers, to share different cultural elements through lectures, experience sharing and Q&A session, so as to cultivate students’ cross-cultural innovative design inspirations, so that they can apply their cross-cultural experiences in creative life design. The International Speech and Performance is divided into two categories: the "International Research Forum" and the "International Arts Link Forum”. The International Research Forum echoes the rise of the ASEAN countries and the international trend of the New Southbound Policy. We have invited speakers Indarti, Inty Nahari and Yuhri Inang Prihatina from Indonesia, which consist of thousands of islands and diverse ethnicity and traditional art culture. Thus, through interaction and blending, unique cultural elements were developed. Three in traditional crafts, Batik, golden thread embroidery and tie dye are explored. In understanding the changes, inheritance, the application and development of traditional elements in modern internationalized innovative culture were exhibited. The depth and breadth of local traditional arts and crafts were interpreted in the form of physical experience.


Participants from Taiwan and other countries learned to link the evolution of local traditional arts and the characteristics of crafts with multi-cultural facade, in hope to cultivate strong cross-cultural design talents, to correspond to the international trends (as shown in the following pictures).

In the International Arts Link Forum, “Connecting High-tech to Traditional Craftsmanship,” Professor Kazunori Uhyo Sugiura from Japan's Kieo University shared how Japan's high-tech otaku culture interact with other cultures, to create, recreate and developing richer aspects. Japan is a country of technology and animation. Thus, its related industries include games, film and television, publishing, etc., which provides soft power in design and creativity. The development of the otaku culture has created a new cultural and commercial value in the world. Its content includes fantasy, technology, adventure, action, etc. Under continuous breakthrough of techniques in technology, the otaku culture displays vibrant and diversified creativity. In this session, invited speaker Professor Kazunori Uhyo Sugiura, who loves otaku culture, share his long-term research on the interaction between otaku culture and traditional crafts, creating more design elements through connections of high-tech and traditional culture.


「插畫創作發想與展演」由台灣設計師Nio Ni 透過插畫的視野,讓設計變得更有質感與溫度,並將插畫視為日常,設計視為生活,自然展露台灣人、土地與自然間那善良富人情味的濃厚情感。本次Nio Ni分享他在設計創作的發想與實踐,用台灣日常文化打造獨特新穎的設計並用插畫跨域包裝、場域、展場設計,提供以在地文化思考出發的創作媒材,如下圖所示。本次國際藝術連結論壇讓台灣與國外的學員們,通過相互了解彼此的特色文化與討論,進而激盪出多元複合的創意思考與設計
The event "Illustration Creation ideation and Performance” is by Taiwanese designer Nio Ni. Illustrations bring more texture and warmth in design. Regarding illustrations as the ordinary and the design as life, the people, the land and nature in Taiwan were expressed naturally, bringing in feelings of kindness, worth and other strong emotion. In this event, Nio Ni shared his ideation process and practices in design creation, using Taiwanese culture in creating unique and novel designs and integrate illustrating to other disciplinaries, such as packaging, space and exhibition design, creating design media based on local traditions, as shown below. This International Arts Link Forum allows Taiwanese and foreign students to be inspired by each other's distinctive culture, then further agitates multi-composite creative thinking and design through mutual discussions and understanding.


圖左:國際研究論壇-工藝技術實體展示 /  圖右:國際研究論壇合作



圖左:國際藝術連結論壇- 高科技連結傳統藝的展望/圖右:國際藝術連結論壇- 插畫創作發想與展演



On the second day, ““Creation International —Culture experience,” we focus on “Transnational Surprises - Creative Inspiration” and "Cultural Micro-thinking - Local Surprises,” and arranged our foreign guests to visit the South Branch of National Palace Museum, where thousand years of art and cultures of Asian regions and the aboriginal costumes of Taiwan were exhibited. Through exhibition experience, the participants generate observation acuity and multiple perspectives in multicultural arts (as shown below). We also visited Bantaoyao Pottery in Chiayi. Through learning about the craftsmanship of Jiao-zhi pottery, the participance experience cultural shifts from tradition to modernity, and understand Taiwan's local craftsmanship and how to combine it with the place-making of the communities, to stimulate inspirations of diverse design elements, as shown in the picture below.


圖左:故宮南院深度導覽之旅 / 圖右:新港板陶窯社區藝術參訪

圖左:故宮南院深度導覽之旅 / 圖右:新港板陶窯社區藝術參訪


On the third day of the event, after two days of International speech and performance and cultural experience, four "International Workshops" were held to create from knowledge acquired from the previous days, and integrating international elements and diversified cultural background into the design creation. They are as follows:


「蠟染技藝創新工作坊」:由印尼Indarti 老師分享印尼傳統工藝藝術設計於布料應用蠟線設計出具有深度和諧美感的蠟染(Batik),並融合台灣特有的元素,注入創新跨國文化風格。帶領學員由設計發想到原型設計以及從熱蠟染色到除蠟完整的工藝程序,完成跨文化思考與工藝設計的組合,呈現異文化的交錯與混合,激盪出嶄新的創新設計。
Batik Workshop: The Indonesian speaker, Indarti, shared the traditional craft in application on fabric design, using waxed lines to design an exquisite piece of batik. Students combined the unique elements of Taiwan and injects innovative transnational cultural style. The speaker guides the students from the ideation of patterns to prototype design, and from wax dyeing to the whole process of wax removal, completing the combination of cross-cultural thinking and craft design, interlacing different cultures, and inspiring new innovative designs.


「扎染技藝創新工作坊」:由印尼Inty Nahari 講師分享印尼傳統布料的功能與應用,不同的布料、顏色及圖案代表著不同的意義,例如配戴紅色的Sasirangan 代表治療頭痛與失眠。經由文化知識元素的理解,深入體驗異國文化於設計的思維,並結合在地多元文化的元素呈現出跨文化意涵的設計,再由講師指導扎染工藝技術串聯文化設計,靈活地整合創作出跨域創藝的扎染工藝。
Tie Dye Workshop: Shared by Indonesian speaker, the function and application of traditional Indonesian fabrics were acknowledged, including the meaning of different texture, colors and patters. For instance, wearing red Sasirangan are for curing headache and insomnia. Through understanding cultural elements, experiencing of foreign culture in design thinking, and combining elements of local cultures, the students presented multicultural connotations in their design. In guiding students combine tie dye with cultural design, the students gained flexibility in integrating cross-disciplinarily in their works.


「金線刺繡技藝創新工作坊」:印尼講師Yuhri 則帶來傳統金線刺繡(Embroidery) 課程,學員自行設計圖案,再將金線剪成需要的長度縫製在布料上,創作精製個人化的手提袋。不僅著重於傳統工藝藝術文化的融合與再造,更重視設計與工藝結合,為產業服務創新創價。
Golden Thread Embroidery Workshop: Indonesian speaker Yuhri brought in golden thread embroidery to the class. The students designed their own patters, then cut the golden thread into required length and sew it on the fabric to create a personalized handbag. The workshop not only focuses on the integration and recreation of traditional craft, but also aims to combine craft and design, providing innovative value for industrial services.


「創新設計訓練工作坊」:林家煥 Skid , 人田十口品牌創意總監,擁有16 年設計與品牌企劃的執行經驗,帶來一場Live to Design 創新設計訓練,透過日常生活進行發想與創意展現,且運用美學思考來解決問題,帶領學員思考邏輯,進行一場充滿活力的設計思辨。藉由創意和跨領域整合,思考設計的本質,享受不同文化的背景所激盪出的設計靈感經驗。(與前面介紹相同)
Innovative Design Workshop: Skid, the Creative Director of AnBranding, has 16 years of experience in design and branding. Through ”Live to Design” innovative design training, bringing in ideas and expressions from daily life, and using aesthetic thinking to solve problems, the students were guided to logic thinking for deliberation in design. Through creative and cross-disciplinary integration, the students further contemplate about the essence of design and enjoy the design inspiration experience inspired by different cultural backgrounds.


圖左:蠟染技藝創新工作坊 / 圖右:扎染技藝創新工作坊

圖左:蠟染技藝創新工作坊 / 圖右:扎染技藝創新工作坊


圖左:金線刺繡技藝創新工作坊 / 圖右:創新設計訓練工作坊

圖左:金線刺繡技藝創新工作坊 / 圖右:創新設計訓練工作坊


本活動第四天,將期4 天的成果將以策展形式呈現,公開示範將設計思維導入傳統工藝製造過程、藝術演出,創造大眾參與互動平台,體驗充滿活力的跨國、跨界合作的設計思辨。讓大眾關注東南亞織品藝術文化等議題,除了讓民眾得以欣賞美學價值,激發創作思考與創意發想,並賦予傳統工藝新面貌,更進一步達到國際交流。為向民眾傳達本次活的的核心理念,因此好的設計品應更巧妙的包裝營銷訊息價值、建立信任感與良好形象,本次布展分為四大區塊分別展示Live to Design、Tiedye、Embroider 及Batik,由講師帶領學員將形象設計、視覺設計、動線設計融入展場當中,豐富展場內涵,讓參觀者更深入體驗跨國驚喜。
On the fourth day of the event, the results of the four-day event was presented in an exhibition. The exhibition is an interactive platform of showcasing how design thinking is integrated into traditional crafts and artistic performance, bringing in experiences of transnational and cross-disciplinary collaborative design. Through making the public keep note of Southeast Asian art and culture, the exhibition also allows them to appreciate different aesthetic value, stimulate creative thinking and ideation. In giving a new look to traditional crafts, we could further reach for deeper international exchanges. In order to convey the core concept of this event to the public, the exhibition is divided into four major areas, to not only package the value of the works, but also build trust and good image: Live to Design, Tie-dye, Embroidery and Batik. The instructors guided the students to integrate the image design, visual design and traffic flow design into the exhibition, to enrich its content, and to provided experiences for transnational surprises.


We invited several media to publicize and report this event, explaining that the event had helped students learn about the richness and diversity of international cultures through lectures, craftsmanship and design experience, promoting international academic exchange opportunities, and strengthening professional field, cultural literacy and capacity in diversified learning. Through news reports, we hope to reach to more people to accumulate deep impressions on Taiwan, Yunlin and YUNTECH. We hope that after this series of events, this will become a key act for the promotion and introduction of the unique characteristics of YUNTECH, and it effects would continue to radiate and shine. The media reports were as follows:


a. 中央通訊社 /2018 多元藝術饗宴
CNA/ 2018 Multi-Arts Feast
b. 中央通訊社 /雲科大辦 2018 跨域創藝─國際工藝 X 設計論壇暨工作坊
CNA/ YUNTECH’s 2018 Redefine—Creation International Handicrafts X Design Research Forum Workshop
c. 亞太新聞網 /雲科大辦多元藝術饗宴 國際工藝設計研究論壇
ATA news/ YUNTECH’s Multi-Arts Feast International Handicrafts Design Research Forum

d. HiNet 生活誌 /2018 多元藝術饗宴「跨域創藝—國際工藝 X 設計研究論壇暨工作坊」
HiNet Times/ 2018 Multi-Arts Feast “Creation International Handicrafts X Design Research Forum Workshop”


圖左:工作坊成果展布展花絮 / 圖右:工作坊成果展一瑀

圖左:工作坊成果展布展花絮 / 圖右:工作坊成果展一瑀


圖左:工作坊成果展大合照 / 圖右:工作坊成果展記者採訪

圖左:金線刺繡技藝創新工作坊 / 圖右:創新設計訓練工作坊


Through the international exchanges of this event, we have deepened international links and collaboration with Japan's Keio University and Indonesia's State University of Surabaya, exploring relations with neighboring Asian countries, establishing links with the world, promoting Taiwan's rich culture, strengthening students’ innovative thinking on international culture, craftsmanship and design, in hope that they will express these capacities in their development of cultural multi-creative design and crafting.